How it all started back in 2012

Three friends from three different parts of the world, Santa Barbara, Milan and Seville meet for a enjoyable dinner in Hampstead London; a reunion of three friends from distant places whom despite their youth had discovered much of the world, growing, developing and soaking in what it has to offer. Little did they know that this dinner would lead to the creation of an ambitious project in the world of footwear.

These three ambitious entrepreneurs decide to create a brand that embraces tradition, design, art, class, quality and creativity. Keywords in the reality story of these men unsatisfied with todays establishment, determined to play a role in the contemporary world where they can become key players. Democratizing original design is another aspect on which the concept is based. In some cases, certain styles may be found in larger retail chains that generally do not satisfy the more demanding customers who seek quality and exclusivity, but instead reaches out to a fresher younger audience. However, the charming outlets would be their presentation card as where to find their exclusive designs. With these foundations the signature brand Peter & Porter is born. 

The website design is classic but, like the style, new age classic, is built with the aim to link you to this real story for real people, defying boundaries.