About us

At Peter and Porter we are trying to radically change the shoe branch
We found it impossible to find high quality and stylish shoes under €500,- No matter how much you earn, or how much of a shoe lover you are, you do not want to spend thousands of euro's on shoes. Especially because there is so much more in life to appreciate.
We love the traditional brands like Church, John Lobb, Santoni, Edward Green and many more. What we don't like so much are their prices. 
This is why Peter & Porter set out on a journey to bring you a high quality and timelessly elegant shoe at a fraction of the price of the traditional brands. How is that possible you say? It's easy: we have cut out the expensive marketing, no overpriced flagship stores in prime locations in London, NY, Paris and Milan. And we have cut out the middle man to deliver straight from our artisans to you. 
That's how we do it!